1. I love drawing faces. These are based on people I’ve seen the past few weeks, on TV or in real life. It’s really amazing to me, just how much of a person’s personality comes through their expression. 

  2. I finally made it home. My vacation went well, but boy am I tired right now.

  3. How I’ve Spent My Summer Vacation (so far).


  4. Hi all. I went on vacation. I’m somewhere where there’s no easy internet access, or even a good cell phone signal. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know I’ve still been working on my little bird story. Two more pages inked. I need to color them, then do two more after that, then it’ll be all done!

    It won’t be much longer.

  5. "Diane, I’m not sure how this connects to our case, but I must admit I find the imagery fascinating."

  6. Another interpretation.

  8. So, I’m trying to break the Chrome habit.  I was copying over a bunch of links into Safari this morning, and suddenly, I was struck by just how many good cartoonists there are on Tumblr.  ( Seriously. This is maybe half of the people I follow. I’m still copying over links. )

    Anyway, you people are amazing. You inspire me, and make me feel like my own humble scribbles have worth.  Please keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. Page 3 is done. Still working. Stay tuned.

  10. I’ve been buying games from the Summer Steam Sale. This is what I’ve picked up so far. I’m such a big spender.

    I’m keeping an eye on DayZ.