1. Last time was digital, this time I’m strictly old school.

    Here I am, warming up with some old friends of mine. They’re designed for lettering and calligraphy, but I’m going to see how well they work for drawing, too.

    If you want to give this type of pen a try, I’m using Speedball pen nibs, series B and C. Thankfully, they’re still cheap and easy to find at just about any art and crafts store.


  2. Well, I’m Glad *That’s* Over

    The page I posted today will be the last for that story. It was going to run a little longer, but frankly, when I started it, I didn’t consider the fact that I’d be drawing:

         A) My 21-year-old self in nothing but tightie whities

         B) The sound effects of my long-lost roomies in the throes of amour

    And that’s ALL I would be drawing. For two weeks.

    So. Moving on.

    Still, it was a useful experience. I learned a lot about my process. I see now that I need to stick to drawing with actual physical art supplies. For all of its advantages, dragging a stylus over glass just doesn’t satisfy me the way putting a pen or a pencil to paper does.

    Stay Tuned.

  3. Roommates In Stereo, Page 04.

  4. Roommates In Stereo, Page 03.

  5. Roommates In Stereo, Page 02.

  6. Finally cracked 400 followers. Yay me!

  7. Roommates In Stereo, Page 01.

  8. I think my inking turned out okay. :)

  9. Pencils for page one, panel three.

    Parallel perspective comes to my rescue once again. Also, I find it helps to ‘draw through’—pretending that everything is transparent, so that when I draw objects, I take into account all of the contours. I think it’s a technique animators use a lot. The big blank area in the upper middle I’m reserving for lettering.

  10. Page one, panel two.