1. Installing OSX Yosemite, or: URGHH

    Okay. Apple released a shiny new operating system. I could have just downloaded the installer and been done with it, but no, I wanted a CLEAN install, I wanted to START FRESH. So.

    I googled how to do that. I found a nice set of instructions for setting up a USB thumb drive to be bootable and do the installing. I followed the instructions very carefully. I checked everything two or three times. I get started, and everything works fine.

    Until it doesn’t. And I’m up until four in the morning trying to get it to work.


    This morning, I do a system restore. I find myself back in MOUNTAIN LION, re-download the new hotness YOSEMITE, then try again. 

    Okay, it all works fine now. But since I was all gung-ho about STARTING FRESH, I have to re-install a bunch of big, fat apps, restore my iTunes library, re-install my favorite fonts, etc.

    Really, it’s all my own damn fault. But hey, all my (SHINY!) icons are nice and flat now, so that’s something. :P


  2. OMG, I’m a Digital Hoarder!

    For the last three hours, I’ve been backing up files on my computer ( I don’t have a dedicated backup drive, so I’m having to copy things piecemeal to thumb drives, burn DVDs, etc. ) . I’m getting ready to wipe my system and make a clean install of OSX Yosemite. Wish me luck.

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